Thor has finally come down to earth!  Well, Australia, to be precise.  The world premiere of this highly anticipated new effort from Marvel Studios happened over the weekend in Sydney, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  BUT, we Yanks still have to wait nearly three more weeks before the the U.S. release on May 6th, and, since we’ve got all this time to kill, I thought it might be nice to learn a little bit about the characters we’ll be seeing in this epic tale of gods and men!



First, there was nothing.  Except a fire demon and a magic WELL OF LIFE!  Then, the north wind froze the WELL OF LIFE!  Then, from layers of ice, rose the evil frost demon, Ymir!  Then, also from the layers of ice, rose a magic cow (don’t ask)!  After the magic cow, which totally provided nourishment for Ymir, there rose from the ice Buri, the first of the good gods, also called Aesir!  Sometime after that, a woman must have arose, or several, because Buri “took him a wife” and had a son, Borr!  Borr then must also have found some other women, hopefully not related to his mother, because he also married and had three children, two of which don’t seem to really matter at all, but one . . . one was ODIN!!!


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