‘TMNT Universe #7:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Hey, Turtles fans!  Long time, no read!  I feel like it was just last week that I was writing about our favorite heroes-in-a-half-shell.  Oh wait…because I was!

With two fantastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle storylines coming out each month, I can’t keep up with all these characters, especially in TMNT Universe!

Why, just last month, in TMNT Universe #6, Michelangelo had his own sewer fun with his new friend, Officer Lin.  Together, they fought the evil Wyrm, a mutant made up of multiple slug-like mutants who know every secret the sewers have to offer.  And Raph uses his own stealth-like ninja moves to stop a robbery, but what happened after another unmasked ninja caught his heroism on camera?

Well, it turns out that TMNT Universe #7 has more questions to answer about Raph and his ninja-capades than the last issue!  Meanwhile, while Donnie tries to reprogram Metalhead—last used to hold his own subconsciousness after he died many issues ago—the heaviest Turtle of all somehow rediscovers Don’s old memories.  But who, in turn, is the real Donatello?  Or maybe the better questions to ask is: who, in turn, will become the real Donatello?

What I really want to know, however, is how writer Ryan Ferrier became such a good storyteller!  Where did he learn?  Where did he come from?  Who is his “Donatello?”  Same goes for Brahm Revel’s writing (and artwork) for Raph’s “What is Ninja?”  What made them both want to share these specific stories told in this latest issue?  Regardless of the answer, Adam Gorham’s artistry along with Ronda Pattison's colors no doubt fulfill the main storyline to its truest art form.  This entire team has turned what I once thought would only be a short mini-series of issues into an ongoing tale that meshes together quite beautifully with the main storyline.  My only hope is that both stories continue to fester for as long as our pizza-loving heroes have been teenagers…

…Which, to me, seems like has been an eternity…

Until next issue,

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