‘Unicorn Vampire Hunter #5:’ Comic Book Review

The journey home has brought Edward grief and much worse. His father - the king - is a vampire. As a young man, the king was determined to wipe out all the witches from his kingdom, but one survived long enough to offer the king everything he wished for: a throne and the power that goes with it.

He succumbed to her promise, but in the years that passed, all his hopes disintegrated when Edward, jealous of Seamus, sought out the same witch. After that, the kingdom fell apart and was eventually overrun by vampires.  Faced with a vampire father who is still ashamed of him, Edward is forced to kill him.

While Edward is gone, the search for Jezebel continues. Seamus and the rest of the village look everywhere but fail. Enrique has her cloistered away and has done the unthinkable: turned her into a vampire. Enrique releases her to draw out Edward, but with his new technology, who wins is not certain. And what about Jezebel? Can she be saved? And if so, what will be the cost?

As the series comes to a close, I reflect on the times I sympathized with the witch, as she had a powerful motivation for wreaking havoc on Edward’s father and the entire kingdom. It was never explained why the witches were hunted down with impunity. There was only one vague reference to a “threat,” but it was never explained what that meant. And never once did the humans apologize for what amounted to genocide. So, who is the real villain here?

Overall, the series is strong and deals with a wide variety of themes, the most important of which is what makes a family. It did not have a simple ending which I appreciated, and I did enjoy the story enough to make the hint of a follow-up series very welcome.

Creative Team: Caleb Palmquist (writer), Daryl Toh (artist), Dave Lentz (letterer)
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