‘Unicorn Vampire Hunter #4:’ Comic Book Review

While Edward learns how to control his ability to shift from human to unicorn and back again, a raven delivers a most unexpected message: His father - the king - is alive. And not only that, the king wants him to come home.

Unsure if the message is real, Edward sets out to determine the truth of it. His journey is filled with memories of growing up in the castle, both good and bad, but when he finally faces his father, he is forced to make a decision no son should ever make. In the meantime, Enrique and the witch have come up with a plan to lure Jezebel away.

This issue delves into a bit more of Edward’s backstory as well as the king’s and why he made the decisions he did. The action scenes were used effectively to break up the exposition, and the pacing was solid. Unfortunately, the witches fell into the standard trope of being all female and one-dimensional, which was a tad disappointing; however, since there were two villains (Enrique and the witch), there was not enough time to flesh her out. I did enjoy the coloring, especially the moon shadows on the unicorn on the first page.

A tale of loss, regret, and poor decisions, you want a happy ending to this story, but I am not sure we will get one.

Suitable for ten and over as there are a few scary parts.

Creative Team: Caleb Palmquist (writer), Daryl Toh (artist), Dave Lentz (letterer)
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