‘Metal Society #3:’ Comic Book Review

In the previous issue, WOL-421313, frustrated at the loss of his job and status, decided to invoke the robot right to settle a dispute “metal to metal,” but, this time, it will be "metal to human."

Since Rosa has become a spokesperson for the human community, WOL-421313 issues his challenge to her directly. It’s a dangerous precedent, but WOL-421313 is determined and Rosa is equally determined to meet that challenge. She and the human leaders, comprised of six of the originally engineered humans, understand their survival may depend on the outcome. As Rosa’s training intensifies, so do the protests by the robots against their very existence. As the fight gets closer, tensions run high at every level of human and robot society.

Once again, the pacing is spot on. I’ve enjoyed the smooth switch in the timelines that are leading up to fight night. With each issue, we get more of a glimpse into the background of both Rosa and WOL-421313. Each has their flaws, but both want to prove that their cause is just. My one nitpick is how the fall of humanity is taught to WOL-421313. Obviously, it needed to be done in a visual manner, but having the robot stuck in a room watching images doesn’t make much sense when all that information could be downloaded. I’ve no doubt a better way to present this could have been found.

What I did think was very interesting is how the concept of consent is an underlying theme in this issue for both Rosa and WOL-421313; however, how that will affect their choices in the future remains to be seen.

Creative Team: Zack Kaplan (writer), Guilerme Balbi (artist), Mark Lesko (colorist), Troy Peteri (letterer)
Publisher: Image Comics / Top Cow
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