‘Metal Society #2:’ Comic Book Review

While issue #1 primarily explored the human society in this new world order, issue #2 delves not only into the backstory of WOL-421313, a highly efficient construction bot, but the robot society itself.

In their world, the quantity of recharge energy you receive is in direct proportion to adaptability ratios and outputs. Other perks for efficiency and usefulness include a companion bot and better living arrangements. The fight for upward mobility between robots for better living conditions becomes just that—a fight. When WOL-421313 proves himself in one such challenge, it becomes apparent he is good at it, though all he really wants to do is build things. But there is trouble in this so-called robot paradise. As humans are allowed to compete for jobs, they are seen as a threat to the robot workforce and their way of life. As for Rosa, we see her grow as a fighter, both physically and politically. It is only a matter of time before WOL-421313 and Rosa meet head to head.

It's clear that Metal Society and its robot culture is a metaphor for white supremacy and the replacement conspiracy theory, along with myriad other racist conspiracy theories. What struck me is the way Mr. Kaplan built sympathy for WOL-421313 in spite of that. We like him and feel for his predicament. Like many humans, these robots do not like change.  Though one would assume robots are non-binary, the one female-identifying robot we are introduced to is little more than a pleasure bot given to those robots who perform well and therefore have energy to spare. Clearly, not all bots are created equal. For all the robots' processing power and perceived superiority, they are mimicking human behavior with all of its prejudices. It will be interesting to see not only WOL-421313’s arc, but how Rosa fits into it.

Kuddos to the entire art team for putting together exciting and dynamic pages. The pacing rocks. Of course, I have to give a nod to Troy Peteri on the lettering. (Psst... I love the pink balloons for the companion bot.)

Creative Team: Zack Kaplan (writer), Guilerme Balbi (artist), Mark Lesko (colorist), Troy Peteri (letterer)

Publisher: Top Cow / Image Comics

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