‘Monster Matador: Tango of the Matadors #1’ - Advance Comic Book Review

Issue #12 of Steven Prince’s Monster Matador closed one era for his bullfighter-turned-demon slayer Ramon, when he finally recognized that his beloved daughter Adelita would be safer with her uncle instead of traveling the road by his side.  His mission has not changed, and Ramon’s adventures continue in Tango of the Matadors!

Tango of the Matadors starts a new phase in our hero’s quest to rid the world of the horrifying monsters, as he is traveling alone from place to place, helping to teach normal citizens to defend themselves as he rids their homes of the worst menaces; however, stumbling across an old friend from his bullfighting days provides insight into Ramon’s past and how he has grown into the present hero.    

If you have a fear of flying insects, you probably won’t enjoy the antagonists in Tango of the Matador: super-sized flies; however, if you, like me, have ever suspected that horseflies are secretly out to get humans, the gigantic monsters feel vindicating (although still incredibly disturbing).  The people of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, survive the attacks of the Volagante and her children. Ramon and his main supporter, Angelo, both fight to protect their families, and stumbling across Miguel, Ramon’s former bullfighting compatriot, adds strength to the mission.

The artwork for Monster Matador: Tango of the Matadors proved a wonderful treat since this issue is full color!  The black and white of the main series was successful, but Prince and his creative team are able to use the color to change the tone of the panels significantly (i.e., sepia/more brown-toned shots for memories).  The Volagante pops off the pages in Technicolor reds and browns, and Miguel’s and Ramon’s blue and red matador outfits distinguish each quickly in the action sequences.

The final pages of Monster Matador: Tango of the Matadors reveal a new threat across the world which may need Ramon’s faith-fueled sword.  If you enjoyed the original series, I highly recommend picking up this limited series (and supporting it on Kickstarter if you are able).  New readers can start with this issue, as well, although they will miss out on some of Ramon’s backstory.  I look forward to seeing how the story completely unfolds!

4 Shots of Tequila out of 5

Creative Team:  Steven Prince (Story, Pinup A), Fabio Alves (Art, Cover A), Alex Zief (Colors, Cover C), Kyle Roberts/Davi Comodo (Kickstarter Cover), Tony Donley (Pinups A/C), Lisa Moore (Pinup C)
Publisher: 2510 Press
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