Fanboy Comics Interviews Wiley B. Oscar on ‘Bloomers: Season 3’

The following is an interview with actor and producer Wiley B. Oscar (Mirror, The Purge: Anarchy) regarding his work with the online series Bloomers and the show's currently running Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the production costs of Season 3.  Oscar has served as a producer on Bloomers since its first season, all while writing, directing, and acting in movies, TV, and commercials, as well.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Oscar about his initial attraction to the project, the sense of family throughout the cast and crew of the show, and why you should support the crowdfunding campaign for Season 3!

Barbra J. Dillon, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor: Wiley, first and foremost, congratulations on the success of Bloomers! As a producer of the show, what initially intrigued you about the project?

Wiley Oscar: Thank you! What intrigued me most, of the many things, was a chance a chance to work with dear friends of mine. Also, when I read the script, I saw the diversity in the show's content and characters. Having the ability to be a part of something that would speak to the people of this globe is something that I am personally passionate about - helping people with self-realization in a fun way. Now, I’m hoping it translates to the support of those affected by the show with our fundraising campaign

BD: What do you hope that viewers have taken away from the series, and what are you most looking forward to about the upcoming season?

WO: I hope that viewers take away that no matter what happens in your life, you should find ways to live, love, and laugh. Many times friends are the best way to make that happen. You see that tight group of friends in BLOOMERS. They are all from different walks of life, therefore, they address similar situations in so many unique ways. There are always multiple options to handle a problem. Bloomers handles it with intellect, sex, and conversation. It’s just so powerful.

In Season 3, I'm most looking forward to our fans’ reaction to how we handle the epic trauma’s from the end of Season 2: the loss of a child; the shooting incident; and the broken pieces in their friendship, with the all-too-familiar jokes and laughter. You know laughter is a cure all when things aren’t going well.

BD: What can you tell us about the process of working with the creative team of the series, including the cast and crew, and the contributions of these individuals?

WO: The entire production team is much like the BLOOMERS culture. You come to set or production meetings ready to laugh while you work. We discuss everything under the sun, from political views to our love lives to super powers and then the script. As a matter of fact, our meetings are padded by an hour to give us time to naturally cover these things before we get into topics like our current Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Our cast and crew solidify the BLOOMERS production culture. They show up ready to put in 16, sometimes 17, hours of work, eating good and bad meals, without complaining. They find ways to become creators in their own right by removing obstacles within their personal lives to allow the schedules to be met. The best part about that is we’ve never had to ask them to do that. It just happens. And, THAT, my friend, is the epitome of “the BLOOMERS culture.”

BD: Like many independently created projects, Bloomers launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds for a third season. How has Indiegogo enabled you to provide further promotion of the project?

WO: The Indiegogo campaign allows us to stay engaged and interact with our audience. It allows them to take ownership of certain aspects of the production. Because without the fans, financial support, and viewership, we don’t exist. So, we need Indiegogo to help us communicate our financial hurdles and to touch our audience.

BD: For our readers who may be interested in donating to Bloomers, are there any specific donation perks that may pique our readers’ interest?

WO: I think they should go after every perk while its hot. [Laughter] But, seriously, either of the two perk with Tim Russ, particularly the dinner. To have the opportunity to sit and get to know Tim is great; you get a completely different perspective of him! Think about it, a chance to ask questions of, get to know, and laugh with Tuvok.  You can’t put a price on that. It’s absolutely priceless!!!

BD: Finally, why should readers support the Indiegogo campaign for Bloomers: Season 3?

WO: The fact that we have kept our Indiegogo perk commitments in the past, hopefully, says a lot about our ethical compass and who we are as creators. Also, the comedy, sexiness, and boldness of BLOOMERS is being enjoyed in many countries. Having completed two seasons is another sign of our full commitment to this enterprise, known as BLOOMERS THE SERIES. BLOOMERS is a movement; we are breaking down barriers and asking the tough questions, exploring exciting new topics, uncharted conversations, and exotic people in ways you won’t normally see on television. We want to keep boldly going where no other filmmakers are going. Our goal is to continue to create, and the best way to fuel this ship is with the financial support through our Indiegogo campaign.

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