Geeky Parent Guide: Exploring the World with Fun and Educational Virtual Learning Resources

As we toggle through our family life and what that might look like now during a pandemic, we are all trying to find ways to make better use of our parenting time. This is especially true for all of the families who are working through virtual learning or homeschooling. So, what are families supposed to do when they want to find engaging activities or learning modules when it comes to educating their kids?

Fortunately, there are a couple of resources that are phenomenal at engaging kids with first experiences with a variety of topics. Let’s navigate some places where parents can be comfortable and depend on their kids finding a positive experience when diving into education.

National Geographic

Let’s just say that there are plenty of opportunities for kids and their parents to sit down and explore the world. From wild animals to the weather, it’s a perfect chance to let kids see what is waiting out in the world – an important thing for kids to learn so they realize how much is out there!

For those who have Disney+, there are several National Geographic documentaries and series available. The National Geographic for Kids option does represent younger audiences, so it’s a great chance for younger kids to see a colorful world that awaits them.

Young kids will be able to explore weather conditions like tornadoes or hurricanes, which are extremely helpful for any virtual learning that includes Earth Science. Students learning from home will have an opportunity to explore and experience what life is like in other places around the world.

If you don’t have access to Disney+, then the National Geographic YouTube channel has many great videos. There are several created playlists, but let’s focus on their “101” videos where kids can safely experience wildlife and nature from different continents and oceans. These videos range from earthquakes to meteor showers to giraffes to even Ancient Egypt – a wonderful variety! For parents who love space, and if you have any kids who might love the idea of trekking across galaxies, these 101 videos also explore various planets and help to explain what these strange new worlds are like.

As always, explore the list or watch videos on your own to make sure your kids are old enough to see some of the listed content, because there are topics that might not be suitable for younger kids. You can find their playlist here.

SciShow Kids

This is a fantastic show that also introduces kids to a variety of topics. Ranging from the water cycle, clouds, rocks, wind, a variety of storms, and even learning about the tallest tree in the world, this show creates a fun environment where kids can absorb how things work in the world.

One video exploring the Great Barrier Reef also highlights the impact of pollution. The host does a great job at explaining how it’s harmful which was easily understood by my own kids. These types of educational videos are fantastic for parents, because it sometimes includes important information on what happens when certain things like pollution harm our Earth.

Many of these videos have subjects that either ask questions in the description, or they’re stated in such a way that kids will want to learn more, which is a wonderful way to attract a child (and their parents') attention.

“What Causes Thunder and Lightning?”

“How Glaciers Change the World!”

“Are There Other Planets Like Earth?”

“Why Do We Sweat?”

“How Recycling Works!”

“Where Does Fog Come From?”

The list of topics goes on and on, and each time one of these videos pops up during their homeschooling, my kids are very excited to learn.

Head to SciShow Kids’ YouTube channel here for more fun videos.

Both of these resources are not only entertaining for kids, they’re a great way for kids to find themselves immersed in another part of the world – despite not necessarily being able to travel as we all parent during a pandemic. Kids love seeing wild animals and the sounds they make. They gasp at seeing massive waterfalls dropping from a great height. Their wonder and desire to learn can be fully realized by adding informational videos like these into their routine.

Then, before you know it, your kids will be wanting to explore these places in person or you might find a lot more colorful drawings around from all the sights they’ve seen. This has been my experience so far as my own kids jump for joy when they get to discover something new.

What kinds of things do your kids love to learn about? Share with us a place they’d love to visit, an animal they’d like to see, or if they’d love to be a storm chaser or reach out to the stars as an explorer.

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Until next time, happy parenting and happy geeking.

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