Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

Favorite Comic Book SeriesAtomic Robo
Favorite D&D Class:  Wizard
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Cookies N' Cream

Atomic Robo is back in print, now with 95% less robot! The new arc, published by IDW, caters to diehard Robo fans tying together story elements that have been laid out over the last six years. It's the most backstory intensive arc of Robo ever written.

Fifteen years ago, four kids, Tyler, Tsang, Kassie, and Max, found a collection of books that, when read aloud, transported them into the realm of Fiction. Together, they explored floating islands, met the likes of Geppeto, and saw wonders that most only dream of. Then, one day, one of them never came back from the Fiction. When a second member of their group goes missing as adults, it's up to the remaining two to brave the Fiction once again and discover what happened to their friends.

Mulan Revelations is one of those stories that mashes up ideas, throws them in a blender, and then sprinkles in a few last ingredients to perfect the taste. Taking place in Shanghai 2125 A.D. the series tells the story of Mulan, a rich girl with ties to her namesake of legend and a supernatural power that runs through her family. It's cyberpunk, martial arts, magic, and historical legend fused together. If that doesn't sound appealing to you, it won't be, because Mulan Revelations delivers precisely on its core premise.

Police procedurals are a concept we're all familiar with. We pick up on the ins and outs of the law, find a guilty pleasure when a cop gets too rough with a real criminal, and watch as friendships and rivalries form within (and outside) the precinct. A few games have tried to emulate that feel before, but never quite hit the right notes with tight restrictions and railroaded plots making the game more about puzzle solving and less about your choices. Not so with The Detail, which truly gives you the freedom to be the kind of cop (or criminal) you want to be. Rival Games' The Detail is the police procedural game I've always wanted.

As your dropship lands, you can hear fighting in the distance, the bark of machine guns, and the shrieks of launched missiles. Your worries and fears slip away as you hear that familiar mechanical whirl of servos all around you and stand up, a towering behemoth made of metal and weapons that will turn the tide of battle, a mech.

Syrinscape produces apps that provide amazing, highly immerse soundtracks for use in your Roleplaying Games (RPGs). Fanboy Comics' Jason Enright wrote a great write-up of the Fantasy Player, but it is by no means the only toy Syrinscape has available.

Lumberjanes #1 began in media res, so we never knew how this motley crew came together until now. Issue #13 of Lumberjanes takes us back to where it all began, as April, Mal, Molly, Ripley, and Jo (and Bubbles the raccoon) meet for the first time at the Lumberjanes Camp for Hardcore Lady-Types and friendships are immediately formed.

Princess Bubblegum in spaaaaace! After launching a rampaging Marceline into outer space, Princess Bubblegum follows after her in a self-built spaceship in order to bring her back home to the land of Ooo.

Welcome to Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniuiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady-Types, the Lumberjanes. This all-ages comic has won over the hearts of many since its debut last summer, and this reviewer is no exception. Lumberjanes tells the story of five friends - April, Mal, Molly, Ripley, and Jo - and their adventures at the Lumberjanes camp one summer. And, by adventures, I don't mean learning to pitch a tent or build a fire, what I mean is more of the punching Yetis, solving ancient puzzles, and going over waterfalls variety.

The following is an interview with Zach Lipovsky, director of the upcoming film, Dead Rising: Watchtower, based on the popular video game series. In this interview, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Kristine Chester chats with Lipovsky about where the film will fall within the video game cannon, what sets the film apart from other zombie films, and the other video game properties that he would like to adapt for the big screen!

Adventure Time has all of the best variant covers. Just look at the work of Reimena Yee, Molly Ostertag, Leela Wagner, and Jensine Eckwall for this issue of Marceline Gone Adrift. They're gorgeous and most of them support the best unofficial official former pairing of Adventure Time. I believe the appropriate response for all of them is: squee!

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