‘TMNT Ongoing #54:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Well, 2016 is finally here, and with way too many celebrities dying, there's only one thing that can certainly cheer me up: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ongoing comic book series! This week, TMNT rings in the new year with Issue #54.

If you can recall from last month, Mikey went on his first mission with the Mutanimals, while Casey and April dealt with their own family issues. April's mother taught us all a valuable lesson about the ones we love most, yet Casey has his own parental issues to deal with concerning his father, Hun.

This month, the creators of TMNT start us off right when Mikey discovers the reality behind Hob's mission. And, you'll never guess who Hob is working with! I mean, I love when good guys and bad guys have to work together for a greater cause, but this pairing just doesn't make sense! And, when the other Mutanimals find out about Hob's secret plans, it may just split his family apart . . .

Per usual, however, Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz really know how to keep this ongoing storyline interesting. With so many characters now, we may not get to see them all every month, but each issue is still just as entertaining as the last. And, with stunning artwork by Michael Dialynas and colors by Ronda Pattison each month, you really can't ask for a better superhero team!

As always, I look forward to where this new storyline takes us . . .

Until next month,

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