‘Heroes ‘R’ Us #1-4:’ Comic Book Review

You know what there needs to be more of in the world? Fun superhero adventure comics for kids full of that corny, 7-year-old-style humor and lots of bright, big action scenes that never really get too violent. Too often, superhero comics try to be very mature and violent and forget that there are kids out there who need something to read. Luckily, there is Heroes ‘R’ Us, a new series from Off Shoot Comics written by David Clarke and illustrated by Joanne Kwan.

In this lighthearted look at the superhero genre, a group of youngsters get to make their wishes come true, when a local store starts selling super powers. Armed with fire fists, trading card-inspired magic, and action that become real sets of super-armor, these kids are enrolled into a superhero training academy to hone their skills before an ancient evil invades the earth.

Clarke’s writing delivers fun one-liners and a plot that takes our heroes from one action-packed adventure to the next. The art by Joanne Kwan is bright and fun, full of expressive characters and lots of explosive action. Extra kudos to the team for including a diverse mix of genders and races to the cast, so that kids of any background can see themselves represented by the heroes.

This story is the ultimate wish fulfillment for an elementary school-aged kid, as our heroes take on bullies, learn that brains can beat brawn, and discover that they are stronger together as a team.

Heroes ‘R’ Us can be purchased at the Off Shoot Comics webstore.

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