‘Unit 44 #3:’ Comic Book Review

The penultimate issue of Unit 44 (from Alterna Comics) has arrived, and with it comes the non-stop action and trademark hijinks that have been synonymous with the series.  The bumbling, yet persistent, Agents Gibson and Hatch are scrambling to prevent the all-too-imminent alien invasion, but even their most valiant efforts may not be enough to avoid catastrophe.  Will the agents be able to rescue the Freedahken Crystal from the villainous Agent Albright, who plans to use it to annihilate the Freedahkens, or will the Freedahkens reach Earth and enslave the human race?

In Unit 44 #3, writer Wes Locher once again offers a compelling story that is both brimming with action and riddled with comedy goodness.  Although the series is quickly headed towards its conclusion in the next issue, Locher makes each moment count, easily demonstrating that every aspect of Gibson and Hatch's journey to save the Freedahken Crystal - and the human race - has been carefully orchestrated to ensure a series that is concurrently action packed and hilarious.  The agents (and their inept, yet endearing, efforts) quickly call to mind the misadventures of Shaggy and Scooby from the '60s cartoon, Scooby Doo, Where Are You?, and, like the less astute members of the Scooby gang, I can only hope that Gibson and Hatch will stumble their way to preventing Albright and the aliens from wreaking havoc on the world as we know it.

While I have immensely enjoyed artist Eduardo Jimenez's work throughout the series, I feel that it is important to note that he is handling all aspects of the illustrative process, including the pencils, inks, and coloring, and all skillyfully so.  I cannot stress enough how much his artwork truly brings the characters to life, and his use of vibrant colors makes each page pop in its cartoonish glory.  

With only one issue remaining, I would urge you to check out Unit 44 for a fun and silly take on a sci-fi procedural.  Issues #1-3 are currently available digitally through ComiXology.

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