The Kickstarter Report: 'Star Trek' Enterprise Bridge Restoration

Star Trek TNG Bridge RestorationFor the millions of Star Trek fans out there, you will not want to miss the latest crowdfunding campaign to launch on Kickstarter.  In a mission created by fans for fans, Star Trek superfan Huston Huddleston has initiated a campaign to restore the D Bridge of the Enterprise from The Next Generation TV show in order for it to become a fully interactive education museum.  With the support of Star Trek creators, producers, writers, and actors including Ronald D. Moore, William Shatner, Scott Tipton, Herman Zimmerman, Larry Nemecek, Michael Okuda, and Naren Shankar, the Kickstarter campaign (if fully funded) will restore the bridge to its original design, as created by Paramount Studios, but it will also feature fully working displays and mechanics. 

If successfully funded through Kickstarter, Huddleston hopes to make the bridge available to non-profit groups, charities, schools, and fan filmmakers in order to ensure the best use of the set.  In addition, the Kickstarter's creators will be touring the convention circuit as the bridge is restored, showcasing pieces of the set for Star Trek fans across the country to enjoy.  To learn more about the restoration and the individuals behind the Kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out the below trailer.





Be sure to visit Star Trek Enterprise's Bridge Restoration Kickstarter page and their website, and don't forget to check out the backer rewards, which include "Save the Bridge" t-shirts, signed copies of IDW's Star Trek comic book, official Star Fleet uniforms, and a full-sized replica of Captain Kirk's Captain Chair.  These are only a handful of the amazing rewards available and more will be added throughout the campaign.  The campaign closes on Tuesday, December 18th, so be sure to donate soon!




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