‘Mind MGMT #16:’ Advance Comic Book Review (A Life Unmade)

Mind MGMT has freaking done it again. In a seemingly effortless move, Matt Kindt keeps bringing a tremendous emotional component to a series about a morally questionable underground psychic army and the morally questionable group that is opposing them. I won’t reveal a darned thing here, but the latest issue is a real standout.

This issue continues the standalone character exploration of the current arc. We focus on a housewife who is caught in the middle of the Management. Her story is fascinating and tragic, with a few gigantic revelations thrown in for fun. Watching the collateral damage of the agents has always been one of the strengths of this series, and Issue #16 does one of the best jobs of showing how much damage this organization causes.

Kindt’s art and storytelling are in fine form here. There is a moment when the story transitions from psychological ¿horror? to noir without drawing (ha) attention to the change. When this happens, the pacing suddenly jumps from slow, creeping dread to frantic turn-the-page-as-fast-as-you-can. This might be my favorite thing ever.

There are single pages in this issue with more going on creatively and emotionally than the entire Secret War (trademark Marvel) or Blackest Night (Trademark DC). I have one page toward the end of the comic open right now that is just blowing my mind. The three panels capture the complete devastation of a person and incorporate, in order, noir elements, personal character drama, and the psychological unraveling of an entire life. With three words of dialogue.

If you are planning on missing one issue in this series, don’t.

Five Beautiful Tragedies out of Five

Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

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