Part-Time Gamer: ‘Sepulchre’ and ‘Home’

My favorite type of horror is the slow burn psychological style. So, I really enjoyed the two bite-sized morsels of disturbing I got to play this week. Sepulchre and Home are both old-school adventure horror games that have a lot of impact.

Sepulchre is very short, clocking in at about 20-30 minutes and costing no dollars. You heard that right; it’s free. For the record, this is not one of those “you get what you pay for” situations. This is a game that has a real emotional weight and sense of finality.

Doctor Harold Lang is looking for a snack on a train, and I don’t want to tell you another thing. The story unfolds beautifully and the sense of unease keeps building on itself without ever resorting to a jump-scare. Eventually, dread takes over, and then it is over. It would be criminal to tell you anything about the story, so I will just sat that it worked on me. And, at this price, there isn’t any reason to not spend a few minutes checking it out.

Home also builds tension consistently. The unnamed protagonist wakes up in a strange house that is full of secrets. With no memory of the last day, he discovers some horrible things as he tries to make his way to his home. There are little mysteries and a few great big ones that you solve on your journey, but what this game does so well is let you tell the story. There are various points where you get to drive the narrative, but none of the choices are good. Bad things are going to happen, and all that you get to decide is which horror story you are in.

The two games here are novel, little horror stories that aim to unsettle you, rather than providing cheap scares. They also can be played for a total of three bucks and about two hours of your time. It seems absurd that I have to say that they are worth your money, but they are also well worth your time.

Sepulchre is Windows only and can be found here.

Home is available on PC and iOS.

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