Justice League DoomDear Fanboy Comics Readers:


The Fanboy Comics Staff was very excited to attend the premiere of DC's latest animated feature, Justice League: Doom!


Throughout this week, we will be providing you with the coolest interviews with the film's stars and creators.
Stay tuned to the Fanboy Comics website for the latest interviews, all of which will be compiled below.


Top Cow Comics logoMeet the writers and artists of Top Cow Comics on Saturday, February 18th, at 1:00 p.m. at Emerald Knights - Comics and Games in Burbank, CA!


Comic book legend Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Cyberforce, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine, Messiah Complex) and other creators from Top Cow Comics will be celebrating the release of The Darkness #100 at Emerald Knights.  Don't miss this opportunity to meet these talented creators at your neighborhood comic book shop!


The following Top Cow Comics writers and artists are also scheduled to appear:


Adam Freeman (writer) - Genius

Rahsan Ekedal (artist) - Echoes, The Test
Rick Basaladua (artist) - The Darkness, Artifacts
Dan Casey (writer) - Theory of Everything
Christos Gage (writer) - Angel & Faith, Sunset (Avengers Academy, Avengers Initiative)
Rob Levin (writer) - Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box, Neverworld
Morgan David Foehl (writer) - City of Refuge


knight actionYou're invited to join the Fanboy Comics staff for a "Comics and Coffee" panel discussion on Monday, February 13th, at 7:00 p.m. at Emerald Knights - Comics and Games in Burbank, CA!


"Comics and Coffee" is a weekly discussion series of everything happening in the comic book industry, hosted by Emerald Knights every Monday at 7:00 p.m.  On February 13th, the panel will include Fanboy Comics co-founders Bryant Dillon, Sam Rhodes, and Barbra Dillon, as well as artist Robert Burrows, as they discuss their work on the graphic novel Something Animal.  As a special treat, Meaghan O'Keefe, artist of Fanboy Comics' upcoming graphic novel, Identity Thief, will be joining the panel and providing a sneak preview of her art.





WHAT:   Comics and Coffee
WHEN:   Monday, February 13th, at 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: Emerald Knights - Comics and Games
              4116 W. Burbank Blvd.
              Burbank, CA 91505


Guests in attendance will have the opportunity to win a Something Animal poster signed by the creative team, as well as an official Fanboy Comics t-shirt!


Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook, Twitter, and the Fanboy Comics website!  Click here for a preview of the graphic novel.



We hope that you will join us for a night of comics!





The Katniss Chronicles logoDear Fanboy Comics Readers:

As big fans of all things Hunger Games, the FBC staff wanted to inform you about the latest news from The Katniss Chronicles, an unofficial and unauthorized audio drama based on Suzanne Collins' bestselling book series.  The 17-episode audio drama can be found at www.thekatnisschronicles.com, and all episodes are available for online listening and free download.

Be sure to check out the below press release from The Katniss Chronicles' creators regarding their upcoming excitement for the series. 

Happy Birthday, Buffy Summers!

buffy-birthdayJanuary 19

The Staff of Fanboy Comics would like to wish our favorite blonde vampire slayer, Buffy Summers, a Happy Birthday!  Even though her birthdays tend to end in disaster (boyfriend loses his soul, loss of super powers, etc.), we thought it was only appropriate to be there for the Chosen One on her special day and to help her blow out the candles... or decapitate demons - whatever it takes!  Happy Birthday, Ms. Summers, and thanks for saving the world! A lot!
Are you a fan of the Buffster? Do you consider yourself a rouge demon hunter? Well, make sure to check out FBC’s Buffy-inspired podcast, The Scoobies and the Newbie, as well as FBC President Bryant Dillon’s regular Buffy comic reviews available at Whedonopolis!




LACON LOGO 2011 3Contacting all Los Angeles-based geeks!!!

We invite one and all to stop by the Fanboy Comics table this Sunday during the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention at the Shrine Auditorium this Sunday!

This will be the perfect opportunity to purchase a copy of Something Animal and have it signed by writers Sam Rhodes and Bryant Dillon, artist Robert Burrows, and editor Barbra Dillon, who will all be in attendance! We will also be handing out killer new postcards for FBC’s next upcoming graphic novel, Identity Thief, with artist Meaghan O’Keefe! There will be a few other goodies up for grabs, so be sure to stop by the booth and show your Fanboy pride!

Here are the details:

Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

Shrine Auditorium
700 West 32nd Street
Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, January 15th, 2012
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Admission price:
Only $8.00!!! (Kids 5 years old and younger get in for FREE)

Official website:






In celebration of the release of Fanboy Comics’ premiere graphic novel, Something Animal, FBC will be giving away two graphic novels this week, signed by the talented (and, frankly, disturbed) creative team behind the book.

For those who do not yet know, Something Animal is an 80-page graphic novel written by FBC founders Bryant Dillon and Sam Rhodes, with vivid, full-color art by Robert Burrows.  Created as a response to the current romantic view of the vampire motif, Something Animal is a dark and gritty tale of psychological terror that is sure to satisfy any fan of the horror genre. (Find out more about Something Animal HERE or at the official website, www.somethinganimal.com.)


Want to win a free copy of Something Animal? All interested fans should enter by retweeting the following when you see it posted on the Fanboy Comics (@FanboyComix) or Something Animal (@SomethingAnimal) Twitter accounts:

We're giving away a free @SomethingAnimal graphic novel to two followers! #nosparklyvamps RT this tweet to enter!


PacMan XmasDecember 25, 2011

Happy Holidays from the Staff of Fanboy Comics!  We hope that all FBC readers will be able to celebrate their festivities with those that they hold dear. 


In order to add to your merriment, we hope that you will enjoy these special holiday moments.






Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday!  And, don't forget!  Something Animal, Fanboy Comics' first graphic novel, makes a great post-holiday gift! (Click here to buy your copy.)


Barbra J. Dillon
Managing Editor, Co-Founder, & Director of Jedi Recruitment


Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:


On behalf of the Fanboy Comics staff, I am proud to announce that FBC will be releasing its first graphic novel, Something Animal, on December 7, 2011!  To commemorate this special event, we will be hosting a Something Animal Release Party and Signing that evening at Emerald Knights - Comics and Games in Burbank, CA.


For more information regarding the graphic novel, please see our full press release, below.




LOS ANGELES, CA – November 29, 2011 – After witnessing his sister's brutal murder, Jack struggles to cope with the disturbing, psychological aftermath. Tormented by images of the attack, Jack is forced to confront the harsh reality that either his sanity is quickly crumbling or that he is turning into something else... something dark... something animal...

You're invited to the Something Animal graphic novel release party and signing on Wednesday, December 7, 2011, at Emerald Knights - Comics and Games in Burbank, CA!

Fanboy Comics founders Bryant Dillon, Sam Rhodes, and Barbra Dillon hope that you will stop by and celebrate the release of their first graphic novel! 



Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook, Twitter, and the Fanboy Comics website!  Click here for a preview of the graphic novel.


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